4 Good reasons to Avoid Economy Banner Stands


Over these tough economic occasions, it’s tempting to choose the least expensive, economy banner stands. But hang on! It might not be the best to pick a picture banner stand based just on cost. Granted, a few of these economy banner stands could be a smart purchase, while some ought to be prevented altogether.

The retracting or roll-up kind of graphic display generally employed for visual marketing at industry events is a well-liked purchase whenever a company wants to demonstrate its products or branding on the highway. You will find valid causes of company’s marketing team to gravitate toward this effective display option. They’re lightweight, simple to transport and straightforward to function just assemble the bungee corded pole, pull-up the graphic banner in the base (as an upside lower window blind) and fix it to the top pole. When the graphic was created and printed well, the other just produced an immediate business or instruction atmosphere.

The first retracting banner stand models coded in Europe throughout the 90’s were created well and moderately costing around $300-$600, with respect to the size. They rapidly grew to become very popular they caught the attention of Asian manufacturers who quickly developed mass created knock-offs to market for a small fraction of the cost, some for under $100, such as the printed graphic.

Below are some explanations why economy banner stands ought to be prevented:

1. Economy Stands are Frequently Manufactured Using Inferior Materials

Most retracting banner stands are constructed with aluminum and plastic. Although not all aluminum and plastics are identical. Economy banner stands are created with softer metals and plastics that are easily damaged and broken. Who would like to showcase their product or brand inside a broken stand?

2. They Often Times Don’t Support Deterioration

Economy banner stands are ideal for single use situations. For instance, they may be placed in an outlet as an item of purchase display or window front graphic. But when setup and lower frequently, they just do not last. The interior roll-up mechanism has a tendency to break and also the bungee rods put on out rapidly. Inferior banner materials will fray from rubbing against sharp aluminum edges.

3. Cheap Banner Stands aren’t Always a great Value

Simply because they last such a short while, economy banner stands need to be replaced frequently. Most economy banner stands have very temporary or no warranty. So while they are cheap, they aren’t a great value. Buying a banner stand having a lengthy term warranty means that it’ll support the job.

4. Inexpensive Stands aren’t Eco-friendly

Given that they don’t endure for very lengthy, economy banner stands are thrown in to the trash, contributing to the landfill problem. They may be recycled, however a “greener” purchase is a which includes a retracting banner stand you can use every year, altering the graphic to some biodegradable banner.